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Why Does Your German Car Need a Specialist?

The Best for Your “Baby”

You don’t take your infant to a geriatrician specializing in senior adults’ medical care. Instead, you take them to a pediatrician who focuses on your child’s unique healthcare needs. So why would you take your prized German vehicle to a general mechanic who may not have the knowledge and resources to best care for it? Instead, rely on Dubclinic in Santa Clara, California, for all your German auto repair needs. We’re dealer-trained, factory certified Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) specialists, so we understand the intricate workings of these and other German makes and models.

Appropriate Knowledge, Experience, Tools, and Equipment

When your automobile is out of commission, you likely have apparent concerns about the time and cost it will take to get it back on the road. The most effective and efficient way to make the needed repairs is to choose an appropriate facility. Specifically, this equates to a place where the technicians have been trained on and have experience with German cars and use the proper tools and equipment. While there are some generalities between all autos, German performance models indeed have unique characteristics. Every mechanic needs to learn and starts somewhere, but do you want to pay an hourly service rate for a technician to learn while working on your vehicle?

Further, some tools are specially designed and sized for Volkswagens and Audis. If a service provider uses run-of-the-mill tools on your model, the results may include wasted time and less than optimal repairs. Additionally, our facility has the proper diagnostic equipment to identify problems with your prized auto or to complete the performance tuning you may desire. Finally, we can help you protect your transportation investment with the preventive maintenance service regimen recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Trusted German Auto Repair

When your beloved German model needs service or repair, entrust it to the qualified technicians at Dubclinic. Since 2011, our team has had the expertise you need in German auto repair. What’s more, we back our work with a one-year/12,000-mile warranty, so you can feel confident that your money is well spent. As an independent, family-operated establishment, we have the freedom to operate our way from a perspective of complete transparency and honesty. Visit us and learn firsthand that our goals are to surpass your expectations as a valued customer and provide the superior mechanical attention your luxury or performance model deserves.

Written by Dubclinic