Specialty VAG Auto Care — Euro Clinic


Your Volkswagen vehicle is built to last, but it’s going to need your help getting there — and bringing it to your local VAG auto repair shop is a great start for Volkswagen maintenance. Here at Euro Clinic in Santa Clara, California, we take care of all essential maintenance services for your VW Passat, Tiguan, or any other model. Since any car is subject to wear and tear over time, there are a few key areas to pay attention to. For example, your oil needs to be changed regularly to keep your engine cool and well-lubricated, and your tires need to be rotated and should also be changed on schedule to ensure maximum traction. Your brakes should be regularly inspected, as well as your battery. There are a number of other parts and systems that need periodic attention as well. The filters, fluids, belts, hoses, transmission, and lights — they are quality parts, but none of them are engineered to last forever and will eventually require professional Volkswagen repair. Your car’s maintenance shouldn’t be left to chance. For your Volkswagen service needs, visit our shop at 3465 Victor Street, Santa Clara, CA 95054 today.


In addition to routine maintenance, we offer expert Volkswagen repair in our European repair facility. From time to time, a problem may arise with your car or SUV, whether from wear, malfunction, bad weather, or an encounter on the road, but rest assured we can help. Our technicians are trained specifically in Volkswagen vehicles, positioning them as leaders for repair in the Santa Clara area. We offer repair service for all major systems in our VAG auto shop, including the brakes, drivetrain, fuel system, engine, transmission, engine, and exhaust. Furthermore, we provide check engine light, warning light, and electrical diagnostics, on top of inspections of all kinds: Uber/Lyft, maintenance, pre-track, and pre-purchase. If there is an issue with your VW, we have the tools and expertise to troubleshoot and repair in an effortless manner. Also, each Volkswagen repair job comes with the assurance of a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.


Our technicians specialize in Volkswagen models, from the classics to the most recent, which means we’re able to spot and address issues that non-specialty shops might miss. We are dedicated to keeping your Volkswagen in excellent condition and maintaining its performance, safety, and overall health. We use OE Volkswagen parts so you get quality you can trust in our Volkswagen repair services. Not to mention, we have the resources and competence to perform custom performance tuning, including the integration of a cold air intake, turbo upgrade, or navigation. We look forward to seeing you at scheduled service plan intervals, when you are preparing to go on an adventure, or when we are running exceptional service specials. To learn more about what we can do for you and your VW model, reach out to our Volkswagen repair team at 408-703-8226. We look forward to being your trusted source for VAG auto repair!