Top-Tier Audi Car Care — Euro Clinic


Audi vehicles are among the finest in the world, renowned for their high-end materials, enviable styling, and abundant technology. Ensure that your luxury car always achieves peak performance and safety by having it serviced and repaired at Euro Clinic in Santa Clara, California. We are a specialty Volkswagen Automotive Group repair shop, which means there is no shop more qualified to care for your prized Audi car or SUV. We provide Audi repair and scheduled maintenance that helps optimize your vehicle’s lifespan, its safety, and its resale value – not to mention its overall performance. Our goal is simple: to ensure your automobile always performs to the high standard set by Audi of America. Regardless of what your car care needs may be, from replacing parts to complex Audi repairs, all will be met here at 3465 Victor Street, Santa Clara, CA 95054, home of Euro Clinic.


When you work with us, you’ll benefit from the skills and training possessed by our experienced service technicians, who do all of their work in our state-of-the-art auto shop filled with cutting-edge automotive technology. Preventative maintenance is a third of what we’re capable of—oil changes, tire rotations, battery and brake inspections, and check engine light and warning light diagnostics. Another third is dedicated specifically to Audi repair. We have experience in repairing all major components of Audi models, such as the engine and transmission, drivetrain, brake system, and exhaust. Are you wondering what the final third is? Our long list of services also includes performance tuning and upgrading! Audi vehicles are inherently sport-inspired, and what better way to pay homage to its DNA than the installation of performance parts and aesthetic upgrades for an extra dose of oomph? Hydrographics, cold air intakes, air suspensions… the list goes on. We also provide a fine list of technology upgrades, such as a back-up camera kit and navigation system.


Our VAG auto repair shop employs a top-notch team of factory-trained, experienced service technicians who understand just what your Audi vehicle needs in order to perform its best. Whether you own an Audi TT or an Audi Q5, we can assure you that your automobile is in good hands, and that our Audi repair experts offer a complete range of diagnoses and solutions. Plus, you will benefit from OE components designed for your vehicle. Servicing your luxury vehicle at our German car repair facility also comes with numerous benefits. Along with after-hours drop-off/pickup and concierge service, we provide amenities such as online payments, digital invoices, and a comfortable customer lounge with free WiFi. Learn more about our Audi repair and maintenance services today by giving our team a call at 408-703-8226 or visiting us at 3465 Victor Street, Santa Clara, CA 95054.