Alfa Romeo Repair in Santa Clara, California

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Your Local Alfa Romeo Experts

Italian luxury and high-performance cars—no one does it quite like Alfa Romeo. With a steadfast history in the automotive industry, the Alfa Romeo brand continues to innovate and excite with its lineup of luxury vehicles. At Euro Clinic in Santa Clara, California, we are passionate about this Italian manufacturer and see that your high-end car operates safely and efficiently. We offer a long list of Alfa Romeo repair and routine maintenance services backed by a team of trained and skilled technicians. Our European auto shop invests in tools and equipment that meet industry standards. We also invest in the service experience for our customers by pricing our services competitively (with the chance to be offset through specials and financing) and offering concierge service, WiFi, digital invoices, and Uber/Lyft rideshare. Contact us today at 408-703-8226 to learn more about our Alfa Romeo repair and maintenance expertise.

Routine Maintenance & Additional Services

Here at Euro Clinic, we’re equipped with the know-how and proper tools to administer your Alfa Romeo vehicle’s preventative maintenance. It’s crucial to stay atop your car’s required maintenance services to ensure optimum safety, operation, efficiency, and longevity. Our European auto shop provides oil and oil filter changes, a replacement for the cabin air, engine air, and fuel filters, fluid checks and corrections, tire rotations, wheel alignment, and brake and battery checks. In addition to routine maintenance, we offer state emissions testing, check engine light diagnostics, performance upgrades, and windshield wiper replacement. We aim to offer everything that you need for a successful vehicle ownership experience in one convenient spot. You can set up an appointment with us on our website or give our Alfa Romeo repair and maintenance specialists a call! We look forward to working with you soon here at Euro Clinic.

Small and Large Alfa Romeo Repair Service

Vehicles endure a lot every time they are taken on the road which is why maintenance is so crucial. Sometimes, however, problems can occur that warrant professional Alfa Romeo repair. Coolant leaks, suspension issues, premature battery failure, and disc brake complications are some of the most common for Alfa Romeo models. Here at our repair facility, we are familiar with the common problems that plague the Alfa Romeo lineup and are quick to diagnose and treat them. We use cutting-edge equipment and adhere to the guidelines set by Stellantis to ensure a high-quality Alfa Romeo repair job. Our surety in our work is palpable, but for peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive three-year/36,000-mile warranty. Euro Clinic is open Monday through Friday and is proud to be your local service provider. You can find us at 1300 Norman Ave Suite B Santa Clara, CA 95054.