Getting the Horsepower and Performance You Desire



We get it. Your German vehicle is more than just transportation from point A to B. You love the feel of the open road as well as the drag from stoplight to stoplight. If this describes you, let those proverbial horses run with performance tuning from Dubclinic in Santa Clara, California. Since 2011, our technicians have been factory trained and manufacturer certified. What's more, we stay up to date with the latest technological advances, so our staff and equipment are up to the task of maximizing your vehicle's output. Let's start today on making your vehicle all you want it to be.


There are multiple ways to get more horsepower out of your German automobile. One possibility is performance tuning, a service that we offer. This involves using software to change your vehicle's ECU (engine control unit). This changes elements of the combustion and timing processes that allow you to accomplish desired purposes. There are, however, other options that can help with horsepower, too. For example, if your auto's airflow is restricted, you might consider installing a cold-air intake. You'll notice a difference in throttling as well as a 5-11 horsepower increase.

Similarly, installing a turbo or supercharger can yield as much as an additional 200 hp. Also, for an approximate 20 hp boost, think about an aftermarket exhaust. Even without modifications, you can try a few tricks to get the most from your engine. A periodic tune-up improves the general operating condition of your vehicle. It can enable you to get both better fuel economy and a slight bump up in performance because you're getting maximum output from the energy input with efficient operation. And the most simple? Clean the junk or unnecessary cargo out of your vehicle. As little as 100 pounds of extra stuff can cause a slight decrease in horsepower.


If you're looking for "a friend in the business," look no further than Dubclinic. That's because we share your passion for German automobiles. We've dedicated our careers to helping you maintain, repair, and get the most out of your favorite model. What's more, we guarantee our repairs with a one-year/12,000-mile warranty. You'll find the best of both worlds when you walk through our doors--a family-owned shop where people value your business and a state-of-the-art German performance shop.

Written by Euro Clinic